ARKA SYNTHESIS is active in the field of lightweight tensile structures, offering complete solutions of high aesthetics and technology. The uniqueness of shapes and forms, the high definition of construction details and the quality of materials mark the long and successful course of our company in the Greek market.
During the design stage, the projects department of ARKA SYNTHESIS cooperates closely with the project manager. Through good coordination, we can easily meet strict timetables and respond to the demands of each project separately.
Excellent relation with light
Their aesthetically advanced forms are characterized by freedom in architectural expression and functional content. This is why the original architectural solutions of lightweight tensile structures are compatible with any environment.
During the day, natural light pervades the surface of the structure, giving it a soft, even brightness. During the night, artificial light enhances both the shape of the structure itself and the form of the structure it defines.
Build to last
Lightweight tensile structures have a life span of over 20 years, with lasting quality and safety.